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I Finally Decided To Start A Personal Blog. Hello World!

Jerry Zhang
Jerry Zhang

3 min read

I have a confession to make. I already have a blog. So why am I starting this one?

Because I have regrets on the domain name.

I wish I had just used my name from the start instead of trying to come up with some clever name that doesn’t sound that great.

The difference is that now, I am putting my name behind what I write directly in the domain name. It’s different than hiding behind the domain name.

I now own what I write. It’s part of my brand, whether good or bad (hopefully good).

So I finally decided to start a personal blog.

It’s Finally Time To Start Contributing To The Internet

I’ve been a consumer of the Internet ever since… well, I don’t know. Ever since I was born? I’m sure of it. Even if as a baby I didn’t surf the web, I somehow benefited from it.

The Internet has always been a place for me to explore the broader world beyond where I was. It helped me answer any questions I had to satisfy my curiosity. It took me to places beyond what I had imagined.

Okay, it’s not quite like The Oasis from Ernest Cline’s sci-fi book Ready Player One yet where I can virtually roam between worlds. Though, if VR technology advances that far, it could (pun-intended) really become reality.

This got me thinking: what exactly is the Internet and why is it so important?

Turns out, the Internet is really just a massive information-sharing network.

Is that it? Is it really just for sharing information?

Yes, it’s really that simple. So simple that it spawned an entire industry known as information technology. Many people’s entire careers are based on this, myself included.

If information is so great and valuable, how come we don’t need to pay for most of it? (Okay, I’m excluding any ISP or mobile data fees.)

It’s because many people actively contribute their knowledge freely so that others can benefit.

And I realized that I’ve only been benefiting from the Internet. Not contributing.

Today marks the day I’m going to change that.

I Don’t Know Everything But I Still Know Something

I’m not going to claim to be an expert in anything because I know that I still have much to learn.

However, I have learned quite a bit over my years. And I’d like to share what I know so that hopefully others can benefit from it.

I see it as my way of giving back to those I’ve learned from. I know I can never truly repay them for the service they’ve done for me. But the least I can do is pay it forward to the next micro-generation of internet surfers.

At the same time though, I will continue to surf the Internet like I always have. I’ve come to realize that learning and teaching happen in parallel. The teacher becomes the student, and the student becomes the teacher.

It’s an ongoing process, one that never ends. (Of course, with the exception of the moments right after birth and the moments right before death.)

Time For Me To Start Writing!

I’m so super excited to start writing!

Yup, I really am quite excited.

Oh, did I mention I’m so super excited?

I’ve written before on another blog and I’ve also written on Medium before. I plan on deprecating my other blog and migrating the content over here. I finally have the courage to put my name behind what I say.

I’m eager to start sharing my knowledge with everyone. I hope that people find this even a little bit useful.


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Jerry Zhang

Programmer, YouTuber, and amateur musician. I like to write too!