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🕰 Productivity

Time is the most valuable resource. Without time, nothing else can be gained. And unlike money, you can’t earn more time.

I have become so obsessed with time that I track how I spend every moment of my day down to the half-hour increment. I have tried to ditch and adopt many habits and rituals to see how I can save the most time. And I haven’t completely figured it out yet, but I’m still constantly experimenting!

This page represents my quest on how to become the most productive person I can humanly become. Of course, I don’t want to completely become a machine, and so I recognize that having fun is a part of this equation too (this is what I call recharge or downtime). Everything in life is a tradeoff—I want to make the best ones that fit myself.

I hope you can find something useful from this page too for yourself. Hopefully I can save you some time in saving you time 🙂


Morning Ritual

Evening Ritual

Time Management

9-5 9-5

My Calendar is for both past and future

Getting Things Done

2 minute rule